ISP SABRE hits the market

The Sabre from ISP has been developed with the racing sailor in mind.

The boat is fully composite construction using the latest infusion and vacuum bagging techniques. This allows a consistent minimum weight to be achieved, whilst delivering the stiffest hull you will ever feel.

All foils and rudder box employ the same manufacturing methods, and this ensures nice stiff foils without paying a penalty for additional weight.

The revolutionary new mast base unit has been a long time coming.  You can now have a system that is not only very neat, but increases the efficiency of all your vital controls, and just simply makes the boat easier and faster to sail.

The rigs are all anodized as standard, and to ensure the sections are manufactured in the correct grade and temper alloy, we have all our own sections manufactured in our tooling.

The make of sails is optional, however we recommend you speak to us regarding your choice, as much work has been done to match a sail to our masts, and yes they are fast.

The boats come on a composite beach trolley with inflatable balloon wheels for ease of moving your boat in and out of the water. 

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