Smart Start Watch

Smart Start Watch "The Story"

ISP was born to bring sports enthusiasts new and innovative products at realistic prices. With the advent of social meadia worldwide, the marketing playing field for small manufacturers has finally been levelled with the larger companies. 

No longer do designers have to rely on trusting the integrity of large companies to get the sales coverage worldwide to make a product successful.  They can now market the product direct to the end user, and  pass on the savings to you by avoiding all the traditional supply chain costs. 

The Smart Start sailing timer is such a product. I designed the product some 12 years ago, and was silly enough to trust the integrity, or lack of, of one of Australias largest yacht fitting manufacturers who I thought could market the product successfully. The product was taken to China by them and the rest is history. 

Now you can have the actual original, direct from the manufacturer with no middle men, no wholesalers, no distributors,  no retailers and no extra costs.  With our money back guarantee, fast and reliable service and secure payment gateway, why leave your house to order your new Smart Start sailing timer. 

I encourage you to read the specs on the Smart Start here on our website, and not only save money, but also look at the special offers available to all our new customers.