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With the ever-increasing interest in school’s team racing, the Pacer has become an even more sort after class for both clubs as a training boat, and for the chosen boat for teams racing.
ISP have spent many months developing new tooling to manufacture the new composite foam sandwich Pacer, and have also incorporated several new design features to make the boats easier to sail, and increase performance.
    Composite construction, light weight, stiff hull, increased performance
    New thwart design  
    One-way self-bailers to keep the boat dry automatically
    Optional rear buoyancy tank
    Composite foils
    Fully anodized rig with roll swaged terminals
    Ball bearing blocks and mainsheet swivel standard
    New spinnaker hoist system incorporated into foot support

ISP would like to offer clubs help to increase the interest in the Pacer class at club level, for both training and school teams racing.

To this end, we are prepared to subsidize the cost of upgrading your existing fleet, or creating a new fleet.
If you believe your committee would be interested in this proposal, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the details with you further.

MASSIVE SAVINGS UPTO 40% for Yachting Australia affiliated clubs.
BEWARE OF CHEAP IMPORTS. Pacer hulls that weigh up to 20 kilos above the minimum class weight are not only uncompetitive but structurally inferior.  Increased hull weight does not add strength to any boats' structural integrity.


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